Life lesson 101: ” Everything exciting happens right outside your comfort zone.”

This comes from a girl who would always choose a low profile over sharing too much with the rest of the world and that because I don’t like people’s noses into my business 😜.   But with skepticism here I am, once again leaving the safe bay of my comfort zone to reach a brand-new, untrained and untried harbor in the posts of this blog. By “once again” I mean my everyday life in a country which is not mine, speaking  a language that in many instances feels distant but mainly living away from my family for so long. However, all these changes have brought me so far and influenced me in a specific way. Life belongs to the courageous, to the fearless and to those who dare to pursue their goals. So… here you have another life lesson, see how much we are going to learn together 😉

Sincerely, I am just trying myself to figure out what is right for me, where do I belong or do I even have to belong somewhere?! This blog will be a challenge for me and a petite teasing piece of scientific information delivered in the most comprehensible and clear way to you. Given that I am a Microbiology student, my friends, who are not familiar with life sciences, often ask me clichéd questions related to health… and by blogging I will try to answer them but this time online, with more competence and motivation due to the B.Sc. degree I recently earned.

Anyway, now you know it that all we are trying to do here is get rid of the boundaries and get the best of what opportunity is offering. So feel free to contact me, leave a comment or question. I am so curious of what’s out there…
Xoxo, B.


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  1. Welcome! Writing a blog definitely takes you out of the comfort zone, I still couldn’t adapt to having allocated writing hours or even writing days due to job hunting (which should truely be no excuse..) 🙂


  2. Aww thanks 🙂 Now, your comment is super motivating too.. It is these little things that keep you going. My secondary school biology teacher called me to congratulate me on my PhD and told me that she is reading my blog posts and is considering using the materials in her classes. That made me super happy. I have just one warning, don’t let anything/anyone demotivate you. For instance not having many people follow you might be quite disappointing and it is easy to give up.You are doing this for yourself first of all, to find your path, then for your friends who have been asking you about things you know, and then who knows? It might take time to build up an audience, but don’t give up 😉


  3. Let me join your secondary school biology teacher and also congratulate you on your PhD! You must certainly be an intelligent, hard-working and very determined person. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me and I will definitely turn back to your comments in gloomy days to cheer up. 😀

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