Diabetes or Diabolic?

Diabetes or Diabolic?

Chronic diseases most of the time seem to be neglected by the general opinion of the society without considering the disturbing, increasing numbers of the sick patients or deaths that they cause each year. The statistics are a little bit alarming and diabetes might be on the way of becoming the next civilization disease. Up to 422 million people were sick with diabetes in 2014.

Nearly 85-90% of all the patients suffer from type 2 diabetes. Whereas, 10% of the sick suffers from type 1. There is also another type of diabetes called gestational diabetes, which affects women during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can be detected by a blood test usually during the second and third trimester. The only good thing about this type of diabetes is that it goes away after giving birth. The women that belong to the risk group can keep under control this condition if they try to eat healthy during pregnancy and avoid gaining too much weight by being active.

Unfortunately, type 1 and type 2 are the opposite of gestational diabetes. They do not go away. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, which means that it is not influenced at all by the lifestyle of the patient. Type 1 is considered to be the juvenile-diabetes, with a peak age of diagnosis around 9-14 years old, but this doesn’t mean you cannot be diagnosed before the age of 40.

The mechanism for diabetes is based on the relationship of insulin and glucose in our body. Now, everyone around the web will try to explain insulin as the key to “the door” of the cells of the body where glucose must enter so that we will still have energy but I don’t like that. Imagine this… There is this girl called Glucose, she wants a boyfriend (Insulin). In type 1 diabetes, Glucose goes to an only girls school so there is no Insulin for her. Being an autoimmune disease the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed by our own body and no insulin is produced. The scientists are still not sure about the reason why our immune system reacts in this way. So for the patients of type 1 diabetes insulin injections are vital. Glucose finds a boyfriend from another school. 😛

In type 2 diabetes, the lifestyle plays a significant role because people who are obese and physically inactive have a higher chance of developing this disease. Type 2 can be kept under control only by the help of a healthy diet and exercising. It is very important to monitor the sugar level in the blood because type 2 diabetes gradually gets worse and difficult to control with time. The patient will eventually have to take medication or insulin. In our fairy tale, Glucose of type 2 diabetes is in a class with only 3 boys (not enough insulin produced by the body) but also the 3 of them are gays 😛 (insulin does not work properly).

Living with diabetes can be tough. Injections, needles everyday, strict diets and you life depending on medication can be burdensome. People usually tend to “romanticize” terminal diseases and ignore the other ones but each disease is a different battle and each battle needs strong soldiers to be won.