The Law of attraction

The Law of attraction


Oh please tell me you have heard about The Law of attraction! Please be brave and bold enough to share your experiences or thoughts with me on this topic.

If you haven’t heard about it, let me introduce you to the next most impressive thing you will read about today (or just some total rubbish theory) on how to completely change your life within seconds.
Basically, The Law of attraction is a philosophical concept that roots in the projection of our thoughts and their visualization. According to the people who preach this philosophy, it is the best kept secret for centuries and it has been applied (unconsciously or not) by the most influential figures of the history suggesting that this secret made them who they actually are/were. It is something as simple as “Your wish is my command” to the genie from Aladdin. The Universe is your genie.
My spiritual side of the character, which is into things like meditation, meaning of life and personal growth is able to accept such theory that we can have everything we want (a 50.000$ check, a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the hottie next door, health or happy family vacations, you name it) just by visualizing concrete thoughts and working towards their manifestation. This side of me can make peace with the fact that positive-thinking has the power to improve our self esteem and change for good our point of view in life.
Whereas, the other side of my character (doubting Thomas) on behalf of which I get called skeptic or suspicious very often, continuously questions why would these people decide to share such a precious secret right now??? If you check online there are so many videos, articles, books, web pages dedicated to this concept. People even have shared their experiences, which in some cases are too good to be true and I obviously find too hard to believe. So generally, an entire industry is built upon this theory. Another confusing question pops into my mind right now… While applying  the Law of attraction and focusing only on the good thoughts (cuz that’s what this is all about) do the negative things in our life not happen as much as before or we just get used to concentrating on the positive and that’s why the negative seems so little?

To be honest with you all, I learned about the Law of attraction around 2012. I read the book and made a visualization board with pictures representing my wishes. Although the pictures would be in front of me every night before I went to bed, I didn’t spend so much time thinking or imagining myself having them. But strangely enough to make me write this post, some of them did come true (the rest not yet because they were long term plans 😛 ). I had a picture of a University somewhere in Europe and close to it another picture of a scholarship. I wanted to study abroad, in another European country and to be granted a scholarship. THESE ARE BOTH TRUE NOW! I study in Poland and as you can understand I have a scholarship. I can remember also another picture of a girl with her arms wide opened , the rays of the sun and the wind on her face, which represented some kind of  freedom. Freedom for me, to live on my own and freedom for my thoughts, not to be influenced by others (as once I used to be). I am really happy to believe that I have achieved this also, but I can’t help but wonder… Was all this because of the Law of attraction or is just the course of life that took me down this path?!